Economic History: Adam Smith

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Can you name the key dates and facts surrounding the 'father' of modern economics?

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Which Book in the Wealth of Nations investigates the tole of government
Invited to present public lectures at Edinburgh on what topic
Skarzynski believed that it was Smith's time in the country of _______ which alters his ideas, explaining the supposed paradox between the TMS and WoN
The lectures given whilst at Glasgow as the Professor of Moral Philosophy formed the basis for which 1759 publication
In the 18th century, the mention of the 'invisible hand' was seen as reference to which divine being?
Book II of the WoN makes the important distinction between what two types of labour?
Whilst touring France, what was the dominant school of thought at the time
Smith believed that a just society meant the upholding of which essential set of rights?
Book III of the WoN tells us that normally economies grow from agricultuure, to ___________, to commerce, but Modern Europe development path has been inverted
In Book IV, Smith attacks which school of thought?
Published the Wealth of Nations in which year?
Where was Smith born
The WoN begins with the division of labour, the production of which good is used as an example?
What did Smith use as an example of a good which is extremely valuable but can't be excahnged for much?
16 volumes of manuscript destroyed on deathbed leaving only what to be published in 1795
What name is given to the supposed paradox between the WoN based upon self interest and the TMS based upon sympathy which German scholars raise?
Year Born?
Two sets of lecture notes were found in an Aberdeenshire auction, what heading were they published under in 1978?
Studied Latin, Greek, Logic, Moral Philosophy, Mathematics and more at which college?
Read English, French and Italian Literature at an exhibition in...?
Wealth of Nations was read actively and was the central reference point on political economy until whose 'Principles of Political Economy' displaced it in 1848?
Adam Smith died in Edinburgh in what year?
What did Smith use as an example of a good which has little value but can be exchanged for a great deal
What name was given to the general system of social reciprocity that Smith outlines in his TMS?
Which 1976 edition of Smith's works offered the first opportunity to view all of his writings together
Revenue derived from land is called what?
Which textbook did Jevons recommend to his students in 1875?
Serious schollary examination of WoN and TMS, only really began in which decade of the 20th century?
Which French economist criticised the order of the Wealth of Nations and rewrote the work under the title 'Summary Exposition', influencing the reader thereafter?
What economic development did 18th century critics of modernity believe would disengage the poor from cultural and social development and allow the merchant and manufacturing class
Which sector of the economy did Smith believe was incompatable with the division of labour?

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