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MJ has always said how important this earth is to him.Well this is his ode to the earth basically.
Pictures of Ryan White,the person the song was written for.An organization was started since then.
This is what MJ longed for all of his life.This video contains children,pirate ships,and him in his pajamas.
This is a good question.This is a stage performance and at the end,an angel comes down and holds MJ.The talking part at the end was played at his memorial.Quite sad I might say.
Bad era.It's speedy.Michael is chasing this thing and I most remember this song for the duck face that MJ gives at the end when the cop catches him for
Blue shirt.Just sitting there with a microphone.Was one of his hits during the Off The Wall era.
Bealtes song orginally.Stage performance in the Bad era but was released on History.
This was originally Eddie Murphy's video but when MJ stepped in,of course it became MJ's video.It took place up in the sky and although this is not on one of MJ's cds,it took place
MJ is trying to really express how he feels about this girl.I must add that this girl became an actual girlfriend of his during this era,believe it or not.
Another moving song.Michael is in it,once,and even then,you can't really see him.
Huge hit during the Thriller era,especially when he performed the moonwalk to this one.
The whole family is in on this one.It's about the street that they grew up on.
I always say that if someone is cheating,you don't have to go through the whole crying spell,just ask this question.This video does not feature a lot of MJ.
This video was not black or white,but was in color.Features him with different races of all people.Specifically known for the part where he turns into a cougar.
Famous red jacket.Gangs.Famous group dance.Guitar riff from Eddie Van Halen.
This song really describes how lonely MJ really was.This video is in black and white and shows him walking along the streets.How does it feel?
Wesley Snipes better back off because MJ proves to him that he's this title.
Stage performance.This girl is not clean to earn a name like that.
Yes,yes,yes,Paul McCartney is in it.
Susie is dangerous.Don't ever have one night stands or there will be blood.
Haunted house.Turns into a monster at the end.
Naomi Campbell.Not in color.
Michael Jordan sure could use a lesson or two on dancing in this one.Thank goodness Michael Jackson is there to teach him but then again,Michael Jordan has to teach him how to play
Iman.Eddie Murphy.Egyptian era.Magic Johnson.
Everyone holding hands across the world.During the Invincible era.
Who'll get the girl:Chris Tucker or MJ?Well of course MJ because this girl rocks his world.
This video is composed of many famous stars,MANY.And MJ comes down at the end with the camera.I don't think any of the celebrities are liberian though.
Lisa Marie Presley.Never was a big fan of her's.It gave a glimpse of their love life.
The force.Because of the force,you just can't stop.Don't stop.I think I made it very obvious.
Stage performance.Bad era.
Lazer lights.Shiny outfit.
Black and white.Duo with his sister Janet Jackson.This was their message back to the media.
Rio De Janeiro or in a prison,it seems that the government just doesn't care.This video contains protesting.
This is a very moving song.It's a look on how the world has been.There's a kid at the beginning of it talking.
Slash.Stage performance.Dangerous era.
Annie just can't seem to stay out of danger in this one.
Zombies.Starts off with Michael and his girlfriend watching a thriller movie.
This is what I might say to someone who really bugs me.Another message to the media.Amusement park like.

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