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Always low prices.Always.
With a name like (company name.) has to be good.
Once you opo,the fun doesn't stop.
Just do it.
Because I'm worth it.
When you're here,you're family.
The happiest place on earth.
They're grrrreat!
Don't leave home without it.
The best part of wakin up.
Better pizza,better ingredients.(company name.)
Tastes so good,cats ask for it by name.
Come hungry.Leave happy.
Melts in your mouth,not in your hands.
We love having you here.
Have it your way.
Breakfast of champions.
Let your fingers do the walking.
Eatin good in the neighborhood.
It's all inside.
The quicker picker upper.
It keeps going,and going,and going.......
Think Outside The Bun.
Fun anyone?
Easy,breezy,beautiful,(company name.)
Think different.
It's the real thing.
Be the first to know.
Can you hear me now?Good!
(company name.)sub.Mmmmm.......toasty!
Maybe she's born with it.Maybe it's (company name.)
Betcha can't eat just one.
All the news that's fit to print.
I'm Lovin It.
So easy a caveman can do it.

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