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13th president of the US?
Winner of American Idol season 7?
Poet who wrote Hope Is The Thing With Feathers?
Largest amusement park in the world?
Sport that David Beckham plays?
If I have $8 and I give you $4 and you give me $3 back and I earn $20,how much do I now have?
The amount of protein in a regular sized Hershey bar if you eat the whole thing?
Played Precious in the movie Precious?
Singer of 'Opposites Attract' and 'Straight Up'?
Fifth planet from the sun?
What country is the Gobi Desert in?
Restaurant whose slogan is 'Mmmh,mmmh.......Toasty'?
Britney Spears' mother's name?
Brazil's currency?
The last name of the family on the show Family Guy?
Capital of Rwanda?
In science,unit that Power is measured in?
Country where the CN Tower is at?
What country is bordered by Italy,France,Germany,Liechtenstein,and Austria?
Who wrote the Two Treatises of Government?
Singer of 'Paparazzi' and 'Alexjandro'?
Capital of Idaho?
The biggest playable musical instrument in the world?
What is the Mountain State?
Frankly,Lovingly,Sadly,Happily,Motherly,Angrily,Friendly.What are these words identified as?
The largest country in the world?
Painter of 'Creation Of The World' and 'Oddi Altar'?
Who's face is on the US two dollar bill?
The largest state by area?
Square root of 5?
What year did Shakespeare die?
If I add blue,yellow,and gray together but I take out the gray,what color do I have?

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