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Youngest sister?
Name of what would have been his last tour?
How many kids?
His father's first name?
Second wife?
Name of his chimp?
Favorite colors?
Name of his pet snake?
Favorite number?
His mother's first name?
Favorite superhero?
His most star studded video?
First wife?
Movie he was in?
First video by a black person to appear on MTV?
Number of siblings?
Favorite perume?
Favorite songs(of his)?
His most expensive music video ever?
His skin disorder that took the pigmentation out of his skin?
Last tour?
Number of Grammy Awards?
Favorite animal?
The godfather to two of his kids?
One of his favorite movies?
Name of the documentary film about him?
Favorite drink?
His middle name?
How many months did his first marriage last?
First solo album as an adult?
First musical group he was in?
Date of Birth?(Month day,year)
His nickname that has followed him since Elizabeth Taylor gave it to him?
Date of death?(Month day,year)
Initialed nickname?
Favorite animated character?
Best selling album of all time?
First solo album as a kid?
Cause of death?
Name of his themepark?
Name of his other disorder?
State where he was born?
Favorite director?

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