When are these people's birthdays?

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CelebrityBirthday(just month and day)ex:July 25
Angelina Jolie
Cameron Diaz
Kim Kardashian
Ellen Degeneres
Britney Spears
Richard Nixon
Hilary Clinton
Jim Carrey
Jennifer Aniston
Kanye West
Vanessa Hudgens
Rachel Ray
Anne Hathaway
Barbara Walters
Christina Applegate
Brad Pitt
Megan Fox
Bill Cosby
Michael Jackson
Lauren Conrad
Jessica Simpson
OJ Simpson
CelebrityBirthday(just month and day)ex:July 25
Jennifer Lopez
Chris Brown
Oprah Winfrey
Halle Berry
Jessica Alba
Hilary Duff
Zac Efron
John Cena
Will Smith
Jessica Biel
John Mayer
Nicole Richie
Hugh Grant
Tom Cruise
Brooke Shields
David Letterman
Amanda Bynes
Peyton Manning
Christina Aguilera

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