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People say I'm not okay because I love such elementary things.1
And now I wonder why,I break down when I cry.Is it something I said or is it just a lie?5
Hold me like the river of Jordan.And I will then say to thee,you are my friend.4
You'll never make me stay so take your weight off of me.I know your every move so won't you just let me be?2
Are you the ghost of jealousy?1
You can change the world.(I can't do it by myself)1
What about sunrise?What about rain?2
Every day I sit and ask myself,how did love slip away?But something whispers in my ear and says.4
And don't you know now is the perfect time.We can make it right,hit the city lights.3
I gave her money.I gave her time.3
A fall down the stairs.Her dress torn.2
I'm tired of injustice.I'm tired of your schemes.1
He really thought he really had a hold on me.3
I don't care what you talking about baby,I don't care what you think.3
Keep me wondering why.When all I can do is sigh.1
Your love is magical,that's how I feel.1
Trust in me,trust in me,put all your trust in me.You're doing morphine.1
Tell him what he needs to know.1
How can you live girl?Cause love for us was meant to be.You must be seeing some other guy instead of me.4
Just show your face in broad daylight.1
She got a mojo in her pocket.She got it ready just in case.4
LyricSong# of words
Skin head,dead head.Everybody gone bad.5
You're every wonder in this world to me.5
Just because you see it in the magazine and see it on TV screen,don't make it factual.2
When you're alone and you're cold inside.3
Like a trip to Heaven.Heaven is the prize.4
So they came into the outway,it was Sunday-what a black day.2
And it's true either you're wrong or you're right.3
You can shout out all you want to.But there ain't no sin in folks all getting loud.3
You got school teachers who don't want to teach.6
Susie got your number and Susie ain't your friend.5
That girl,I can't take her.1
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun.1
I asked my neighbor for a favor,she said later.1
Let me groove.Let me soothe.Let me take you on a cruise.3
You're beautiful,you're wonderful,incredible,I love you so.3
Love ain't what it used to be.That is what they're telling me.2
We're taking over,we have the truth.4
Don't try to fight it.There ain't nothing that you can do.3
You're just a product of loveliness.I like the groove of your walk,your talk,your dress.6
I have to pray to God,cause I know how lust can blind.1
Love is a feeling.Quench my desire.Give it when I want it.Taking me higher.4
LyricSong# of words
Keep on with the force don't stop.6
My life will never be the same.Cause girl you came and changed,the way I talk,the way I walk.I cannot explain.4
We were young and innocent then.Do you remember how it all began?It just seemed like Heaven so why did it end?3
I don't need no dreams when I'm by your side.Every moment takes me to paradise.3
And you said to me you don't want me hanging around.3
You wanna stay alive,better do what you can.2
Though it's plain to see this world is heavenly,be God's glow.3
There's something about you baby that makes me want to give it to you.3
If this town is just an apple,then let me take a bite.2
Are you infected with the same disease of lust,gluttony, and greed?1
Your love's got me high.I long to get by.6
As I turned up the collar on my favorite winter coat,this wind is blowing my mind.4
I'm so proud I am the only one who is special in her heart.4
People always told me be careful what you do.Don't go around breaking young girl's hearts.2
Too high to get over.(yeah,yeah)Too low to get under.(yeah,yeah).You're stuck in the middle.And the pain is thunder.4
Whatever happens,don't let go of my hand.2
What can I do,girl,to get through to you?Because I love you,baby(baby).3
Before you make(Before you make)a big mistake(a big mistake)remember looks can fool you,babe.3
And why don't you just dance across the floor?4

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