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What exact date is the Swan Lake dance resital?
What is the name of the amusment park?
What belt level is Gru's mother in karate?
What is the lady's name that owns the 'Home for Girls'?
What color is the posion that Dr.Nefario tells Edith will make her explode?
What color is Agnes's hair tie?
Where did Gru steal the 'empire state building and iphel tower' from?
What's the boys name that deflates the 'pyrimid'?
What does Gru tell the owner of the 'Home for Girls' his dead wives name is?
What does the womans shirt say that sits next to Gru at the dance class?
What is the shape of Gru's car air freshener?
What food does the 3 girls ask Gru for dinner?
What shape does Gru make Edith's pancake?

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