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Can you name the different locations of the Seinfeld universe by the clues below?

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Forced Order
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Jerry takes then girlfriend Vanessa to this state for a weekend getaway, and realizes he could have made a lot of money had he not sold stock George recommended.
Kramer was suspected of being a serial killer in this city; Corbin Bernson was not impressed by George.
State that Kramer and Newman plan to take their recyclables over Mothers Day
Condo in Florida that Morty and Helen Seinfeld lived in; Jack Klompus also lived at this location
Park where the van was-a-rockin'. They shouldn't have gone-a-knockin'.
'Body Suit Man' and George's secret bed-in-desk made appearances here
Favorite coffee shop of the gang
Country that Elaine, Jerry, and George return from (go to?) during 'The Betrayal' episode
Bagel shop that infringes on Kramer's rights to celebrate new holidays
Puddy's face painting for his favorite hockey team from this state, causes some unfortunate circumstances for a local priest.
When Kramer gets lost and finds himself at this intersection, he believes he's found 'The Nexus of the Universe'
Kramer told 2 art patrons in 'The Letter' that he stowed away on a steamship heading for this country when he was 17
Title of episode, and location where the gang travels to to see one breathtaking baby; Elaine gets taught the meaning of shrinkage
George flies to this city to deliver his infamous 'Jerk Store' line
Borough that is home to the Costanza family

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