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Has a comet named after it, has a ballroom, holds both first-years and sophomores
3rd first year hall
Buffet Style Dinning Facility
Plaza between the Law School and FAC
Softball Teams plays here
between Meredith and Hubbell, great place to hang out when its nice outside
Oldest Residence Hall; parallel to the painted streets
Home of the College of Business and Public Administration; Career & Professional Development located on 2nd floor
6 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts
Recreational Facility; 6 lane 25m pool; free aerobic class; wellness program; open 100hr/week for student use with an i.d
Home of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Has a basketball court; banked track; offices for the Athletic Coaches
Hasnt been working forever, blue glow
Law Library
Home of the geology, physics, and chemistry department
First Building on campus; office of the Presidents, Dean of Students, Provost, Student Accounts and Records. Was the first permanent building on campus
Suite-style living; largest housing facility on campus
Off campus student housing built in 2007-2008
Alumni Center
Hold the Human Resources department and the International Center
4th First Year Hall
Law School
24/7 Graphic Design Lab; Office of Student Financial planning; IT help desk in the basement
Has a practice pharmacy lab; has a skywalk that connects to cline
54 squares of fun
renovated in 2006; holds the biology, psychology, and environmental sciences. Holds Lecture halls and small study rooms, a great classroom to walk into on the 1st floor is open
20 full-time campus security officers work here
Sculpture studioart department
Anderson Gallery; Art, music, theater, and college of Arts and Sciences Deans offices, practice rooms on the 2nd floor
Largest first year hall
Name for all 4 first-year halls; roommates based on FYS;
Located on 32nd & University; has a curriculum library
Smallest First-Year Hall
Home of the Drake Relay; football; and occasional soccer games
takes care of students when they are sick; patient care, emergency first aid and counseling center
Home of the religion, philosophy, and Honors Program
Admissions Office, where all the fun happens
Indoor jogging track; racquetball courts; home of the basketball and volleyball team. Holds 7,000 fans; 5,800 square ft. weight room
Army Office
Where you can rent netbooks, an amazing coffee shop, schools main resource
One of the Main Classroom Buildings, designed by Eero Saarinen. Home of SJMC
Student Union; Pomerantz Stage; SLC; Student Life Offices; D-shoppe

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