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Law Library
Largest first year hall
Home of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
First Building on campus; office of the Presidents, Dean of Students, Provost, Student Accounts and Records. Was the first permanent building on campus
renovated in 2006; holds the biology, psychology, and environmental sciences. Holds Lecture halls and small study rooms, a great classroom to walk into on the 1st floor is open
20 full-time campus security officers work here
Has a practice pharmacy lab; has a skywalk that connects to cline
Sculpture studioart department
One of the Main Classroom Buildings, designed by Eero Saarinen. Home of SJMC
Has a comet named after it, has a ballroom, holds both first-years and sophomores
Army Office
Plaza between the Law School and FAC
Indoor jogging track; racquetball courts; home of the basketball and volleyball team. Holds 7,000 fans; 5,800 square ft. weight room
between Meredith and Hubbell, great place to hang out when its nice outside
Home of the geology, physics, and chemistry department
Oldest Residence Hall; parallel to the painted streets
Buffet Style Dinning Facility
Home of the religion, philosophy, and Honors Program
Anderson Gallery; Art, music, theater, and college of Arts and Sciences Deans offices, practice rooms on the 2nd floor
Located on 32nd & University; has a curriculum library
Off campus student housing built in 2007-2008
takes care of students when they are sick; patient care, emergency first aid and counseling center
3rd first year hall
Student Union; Pomerantz Stage; SLC; Student Life Offices; D-shoppe
Recreational Facility; 6 lane 25m pool; free aerobic class; wellness program; open 100hr/week for student use with an i.d
54 squares of fun
Smallest First-Year Hall
Home of the College of Business and Public Administration; Career & Professional Development located on 2nd floor
Name for all 4 first-year halls; roommates based on FYS;
Where you can rent netbooks, an amazing coffee shop, schools main resource
Hold the Human Resources department and the International Center
Home of the Drake Relay; football; and occasional soccer games
Hasnt been working forever, blue glow
Suite-style living; largest housing facility on campus
Admissions Office, where all the fun happens
6 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts
Has a basketball court; banked track; offices for the Athletic Coaches
Softball Teams plays here
4th First Year Hall
24/7 Graphic Design Lab; Office of Student Financial planning; IT help desk in the basement
Alumni Center
Law School

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