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An additional person or thing of the same type.
A male sibling.
Self-assertive in a rude, noisy or overbearing way.
Damaged or wrecked.
When one collides violently with another object.
When one goes or extends over a line or path.
When one presses or squeezes with violent force, normally causing damage.
Having or forming a hard top layer or covering.
Formed, Made.
To have experience visions whilst asleep.
To have been behaved towards or dealt with in a certain way.
A person or object that you can rely on.
To have gained one up on something or someone; To have given up cash or possession owed.
A thick flat savoury cake with a soft porous texture.
A object used to press or pinch something into small regular folds or ridges.
A device that triggers a signal or other operating device.
To have confined something within an area such as a box or room.
Feeling or causing to feel confined or hemmed in; To be squashed.
To have moved slowly, normally with your body towards to ground.
(of a bird) Straighten and clean its feathers with its beak.
To have prepared something, made ready.
To have moved into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force.
A sideboard having drawers or compartments below and open, shallow shelves
An informer.
_____ Off, (1996) film starrting Peter Postlethwaite

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