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Hey, where'd you disappear to last night? After the party I tried to ride some dude's great dane all the way to the water tower and back. It didn't go well. 2010
And that's why the French don't wash.1995
Bobby, did those babybacks from PapaJoe’s make the flight?2003
Hey everybody, attention please! I just got a telegram. Dance party has selected the Maxx for a televised dance contest with all those great kids from Bayside.1989
Please have a little respect for the dying. (You're not dying.) I'm hoping to.1976
I like your poncho. My dad got me one in Guadalajara.2006
Gloria, I hurried back. (Great, you can take out the garbage.)1968
I'm your big brother. If I don't teach you this, who will?2003
Good morning. An hour ago I resigned as State's Attorney of Cook County.2009
Owen, what do you think? Wow, she's a beauty.1994
Kids, breakfast! Kids? Phil would you get them?2009
I'll be right heeere. I love this movie. This won the Oscar didn't it? (Gandhi. Spielberg was robbed.)1998
Hey I thought you were playing with the girls? (I am.) But they're outside and you're in here.2001
Once upon a time there was a typical American girl who happened to bump into a typical red-blooded American boy.1964
What a bunch of bull. First of all, they didn't write about the interview she did with the Sandinistas. 1988
Bill, hi, it's Mya Gallo. Do you really want to start tonight's news off with a story on strippers?1997
I am not the person you think I am. That's what you people can't seem to understand. I'm not a bitch. I'm not aggressively plotting to make our mother feel bad.2006
This is me and this is my best friend Ellen. And this is the Wellsville Fighting Squids marching band.1993
Sure you got everything honey? (I'm sure Daddy.) Okay, goodbyes are tough, huh. I think I noticed a tear in one of the cockroach's eyes. 1984
Another big night fellas, $164.87. 2005
One double room without bath the 16th, 17th, and 18th. Yes and if you'd be so kind as to confirm by letter. Thank you so much.1975
Woah, excuse me buddy. There's a line. (There's two lines.) No there's one line. We're in it.2006
Why is there a letter of resignation on my desk?2007
What could you possibly have in your nose I don't have? (Was I snoring?) I can't believe you're alive.1992
Man, back in New Zealand I was getting it on with lots of chicks.2007
They just delivered the TV an hour ago and Kelly this thing is so gigantic it's ridiculous. I mean, the instruction book is bigger than our old TV.1998
Veridian Dynamics - Everyday something we make makes your life better.2009
Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. (Good. Now the water signs.)1997
Good morning, all right everybody listen up. As of about one minute ago, the sanitation workers union rejected our final offer. They are now officially on strike.1996
Court mandated therapy. The family that sold its kids at the flea market didn't get court mandated therapy.2001

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