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I married a moose we don't need _____Eric
Your grades, my friend, aren't good enough to get you a _____Mr Feeny
She's got style. She's got elegance. She's got _____.Shawn
That's just what I want - to be Topanga's boyfriend. And then we can name our children _____ ___ ______Cory
let's not call it detention, I think of it as _____ __ _____Mr Feeny
I talk, he _____. It's just like class.Mr Turner
If stupidity were in the _____, you'd win a nobel prizeEric
There's no such thing as good news before I've had my ____ ___Cory
Look Amy, his future is _____ _____.Alan
Duckies are the _____ of the oceanEric
I'm a kid. I don't understand the emotional content of ___ ______Cory
Belive in yourselves. Dream. ___ _____.Mr Feeny
I got two stupid boys. Y'all embarass me in front of my ____ _______.Chet Hunter
When a Crime breaks out, all the cute girls shout. Get the ____ _____ ___.Eric
I'm hitting my head. I'm hitting the ______-_____ part of my head.Cory
I walk alone in this world except for the _____ ____ in my pocketFrankie Stochino
I'm no rocket ______.Shawn
Life's tough. ___ _ ______.Eric
If my dolly is cold can I put her in the _____ _____?Morgan
Minkus, you look like a stick of ____ ____.Cory

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