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Can you name the blank in these quotes from Season 3 of the Big Bang Theory?

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I don't know which artic expedition you guys were on, but I thought it was a _____ and a half. [1 word]Sheldon
The fact that I am home safe does not prove it worked, that logic is post hoc ergo propter hoc. No, I'm not sassing you in _____ talk. [1 word]Sheldon
Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. _____ must render you catatonic. [1 word]Sheldon
Sheldon, you can't train _____ like a lab rat! [2 words]Leonard
I'd rather swim buck naked across the Ganges river with a paper cut on my _____ than work with you. [1 word]Raj
Do not tell me about my own culture, Sheldon! In the mood I’m in, I’ll take you out, I swear to _____! [1 word]Raj
My mother wouldn't let me ride a bicycle because she was afraid I might hit a bump and lose my _____. [1 word]Bernadette
Sheldon knows football? I mean _____, sure, but football? [1 word]Howard
You can't make a half sandwich. If it's not half of a whole sandwich, it's just a _____. [2 words]Sheldon
If I could speak the language of _____, they would be amazed, and I would be their king. [1 word]Raj
When we watch Frosty the Snowman, he roots for _____. [2 words] Leonard
What? I'm giving myself dramatic entrance music. People will know I'm awesome and to be _____. [1 word]Raj
No, the X-men were named for the X in Charles Xavier. Since I am Sheldon Cooper, you will be, my _____. [1 word]Sheldon
Looks like we butchered a pig but no one wanted _____. [1 word]Sheldon
Jews don't have hell. We have _____. [2 words]Howard
Good night. And if there's an apocalypse, _____. [2 words]Sheldon
Apparently, the one fella tried to adjust the _____, then the other fella went bat-crap crazy. [1 word]Penny
Incidentally, one can get beaten up in school simply by referring to oneself as _____. [1 word]Sheldon
It’s very simple, _____ was living in a little town called “Please don’t leave me”, while Penny had just moved to the island of “Bye-bye”! [1 word]Howard
Get your _____, 'cause it's gonna get loud. [3 words]Penny

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