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Can you name the LOST Characters by their deaths?

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Cause of DeathCharacter
Shot by Charlie.
Crushed by plane.
Shot by Ana Lucia.
Impaled while being confronted by Ana Lucia.
Shot by Michael after giving him the gun.
Shot by Michael on accident.
Killed by the black smoke after being attack by a polar bear.
Buried alive after being paralyzed by his girlfriend.
Buried alive after paralyzing herself.
Drowned in The Looking Glass Station.
Shot by Sawyer.
Shot by mercenaries along with her daughter's boyfriend.
Shot by Martin Keamy.
Cause of DeathCharacter
Stabbed by Ben.
Killed by an explosion on the freighter.
Choked by Ben.
Bad reaction to time travel.
Shot by his own mother.
Stabbed by Ben under Locke's influence.
Crushed by a crane and possibly killed by an explosion.
Killed by a bomb in a submarine.
Drowned after trying to save his wife.
Drowned after getting trapped.
Shot by Ben.
Shot by Kate.
Killed by The Man in Black.

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