Sci-Fi Novels from Rhyming Clues

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Can you name the science fiction novels from rhyming clues?

Updated Aug 5, 2013

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In San Lorenzo, there's unease;
then ice-nine makes the oceans freeze.
A Catholic order saves the lore
of humankind, post-nuclear war.
Conditioning and soma keep
the Epsilons as tame as sheep.
Though Smith's a man of Martian birth,
he oddly groks the ways of Earth.
'Be careful what you wish for' seems
like good advice for George Orr's dreams.
When Thursday foils Hades' visit,
Brontë's book is changed...or is it?
Though Offred's life in Gilead
is bleak, she thinks that Nick's not bad.
A fireman named Montag learns
the value of the things he burns.
Don't panic if a Vogon ship
destroys the Earth; just take a trip.
If Deckard took the Voigt-Kampff test,
would counting ovines help him rest?
Though brutal, Wiggin's education
helps Earth win a 'simulation.'
Arrakis sees dynastic strife:
variety's the spice of life.
With Trantor's fall, hard times ensue,
but Seldon had a plan...or two.
The Sandmen hunt down people who
attempt to live to twenty-two.
Jules risks all his Whuffie pride
to help restore a Disney ride.
The drug-addicted hacker Case
helps Wintermute in cyberspace.
The Martians' raid on Earth confirms
their Tripods are no match for germs.
While HAL and Bowman disagree,
the monolith waits patiently.

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