Sci-Fi Novels from Rhyming Clues

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Can you name the science fiction novels from rhyming clues?

Featured Aug 5, 2013

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The Martians' raid on Earth confirms
their Tripods are no match for germs.
Though Offred's life in Gilead
is bleak, she thinks that Nick's not bad.
A fireman named Montag learns
the value of the things he burns.
'Be careful what you wish for' seems
like good advice for George Orr's dreams.
The drug-addicted hacker Case
helps Wintermute in cyberspace.
A Catholic order saves the lore
of humankind, post-nuclear war.
Don't panic if a Vogon ship
destroys the Earth; just take a trip.
In San Lorenzo, there's unease;
then ice-nine makes the oceans freeze.
Though brutal, Wiggin's education
helps Earth win a 'simulation.'
If Deckard took the Voigt-Kampff test,
would counting ovines help him rest?
Conditioning and soma keep
the Epsilons as tame as sheep.
Arrakis sees dynastic strife:
variety's the spice of life.
When Thursday foils Hades' visit,
Brontë's book is changed...or is it?
With Trantor's fall, hard times ensue,
but Seldon had a plan...or two.
While HAL and Bowman disagree,
the monolith waits patiently.
Though Smith's a man of Martian birth,
he oddly groks the ways of Earth.
Jules risks all his Whuffie pride
to help restore a Disney ride.
The Sandmen hunt down people who
attempt to live to twenty-two.

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