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Until 1928, the Kyrgyz language used the ____ alphabet.A
The city of ____ derives its name from a type of churn used to make fermented mare's milk.B
Kyrgyzstan didn't introduce ____ until 2008; the smallest in everyday use represents 10 tyiyn.C
By legend, the Kyrgyz people trace their ancestry to forty maidens and a male red ____.D
Nooruz, a major Kyrgyz holiday on March 21, celebrates the spring ____.E
From 1926 to 1991, the Kyrgyz capital was called ____, named for a Soviet military leader.F
Forty years ago, ____ were Kyrgyzstan's fifth-largest ethnic group; many were Mennonites.G
Unlike most sports, the Kyrgyz sports of ulak tyrtysh, oodarysh, and tyin emmei all require ____.H
____ first entered Kyrgyzstan in the 8th century; today, most Kyrgyzstanis follow its Hanafi school.I
Kyrgyzstan's first Olympic medal was won by Aidyn Smagulov in 2004 in the sport of ____.J
Dzhuchi ____ conquered Kyrgyzstan in the 13th century; it remained under Mongol rule until 1510.K
The world's tenth-largest ____ by volume is Issyk Kul, located in northeastern Kyrgyzstan.L
The Epic of ____, Kyrgyzstan's legendary hero, has more verses than any other epic poem.M
Completed in 1938, 'Broad River' by Tügölbay Sïdïkbekov was the first Kyrgyz ____.N
____ is the name of Kyrgyzstan's second-largest city and its southernmost oblast.O
Kyrgyzstan's first postage stamp, issued in 1992, depicted a male ____ in a nature preserve.P
The common ____, Coturnix coturnix, is native to Kyrgyzstan, and its eggs are often eaten.Q
By definition, the Kyrgyz dish called paloo or plov consists primarily of ____.R
Kyrgyzstan's monetary unit is the ____, whose name means 'pure,' alluding to pure gold.S
The botanically-named ____ Revolution ousted longtime president Askar Akayev in 2005.T
In 2007, Kyrgyzstan simplified its Parliament by making it ____.U
Both the Kyrgyz and Russian names of Kyrgyzstan's tallest mountain translate in English as '____.'V
The Kyrgyz 'kissing game' of kyz kuumai often ends with a woman using a ____ to strike a man.W
Kyrgyzstan was the northeast edge of the empire of ____ the Great, who was assassinated in 465 BCE.X
Kyrgyzstan's flag depicts a tündük, the 'crown' of the nomadic dwelling known as a ____.Y
The largest Soviet gold mine was at Makmal in Kyrgyzstan; Kutessay has a major ____ mine.Z

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