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The fire burns tonight lighting up the darkest corners of my mind
you've got me to blame for every fire that breaks out in every lover's name
stay seventeen, my blood is Sunrise through the window pane, where tired eyes will close....
She's trouble in a tank top Pretty little time bomb Blowing up I'll take you down
Tonight is alive with the promise of a street-fight, and there's money on the table, that says your cheap-shots won't be able, to break bones.
Now this place seems familiar to him, she pulled on his hand with a devilish grin
Now lets take our chances Please give me your answer It's all up to you so please take me away
looking forward to another day without you
Take off your shirt your shoes, Those skinny jeans I bought for you
Hips sway and lips lie, like clockwork she's in control
There's a look in your eye And it's screaming 'goodbye' Now it tears me apart just to look at the sky
You couldn't stay no more And as you took your final breath Would your dreams come forth or have an end
this four-leaf clover is all but useless now
everybody knows there's a party at the end of the road
She bites her lip and tips her bottle I take a drink 'cause the truth is hard to swallow, oh
I've got a bone to pick with you, Mr. DJ The traffic in this town Is just as bad as it is in LA
that could have been nothing but a sad, sad song, about a group of kids who lost it all to the great, big city?
Your lips are a hot flame, baby and our chemistry is kerosene...

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