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Geller brother
Geller sister
In love with Rachel
Oh. My. Gawd!
Lesbian ex-wife
British second wife of Ross
Older ex-boyfriend of Monica
Pheobe's brother
Phoebe's Dad
Phoebe's twin sister
Ross' son
Rachel and Ross' daughter
Left at the alter by Rachel
Rachel's rude and tactless sister
Rachel's spoiled and vain sister
Got Rachel a job at bloomingdales
Italian cat owner who dates Rachel
Phoebe's birth mother
Phoebe's mother who committed suicide
Carol's wife
Rachel's Grandma
Rachel's bloomingdale's boss who dies
Played by Brad Pitt
Monica and Chandler's twin kids
Ross and Monica's mother
Ross and Monica's father
Ross' monkey
Frank Junior's wife
Psychotic ex-roomate of Chandler's
Joey's sister that Chandler 'fooled around' with

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