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One halfThe other halfWho sang it (in glee) (+ season)
Anything you can doHarmony (3)
I love New YorkNew Directions (2)
I will surviveTroubletones (3)
Super BassBlaine + Sue (4)
Any Way You Want ItNew Directions (1)
Hit me with your best shotTroubletones + New Directions (3)
BamboleoSam (3)
Start me upNew Directions Girls (2)
Diamonds are a girl's best friendNew Directions Girls
Singin in the rainNew Directions + Will + Miss Holliday (2)
One halfThe other halfWho sang it (in glee) (+ season)
Don't stand so close to meWill (1)
Walking on sunshineNew Directions Girls (1)
UnprettyRachel + Quinn (2)
It's my lifeNew Directions Boys (1)
CherishThe God Squad (3)
AmericanoCassandra (4)
Hungry like the wolfBlaine + Cooper (3)
Heads will rollNew Directions + Football Players (2)
You and IWill + Shebly (3)
Rumour has itTroubletones (3)

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