NASCAR Truck Series Top Money Makers

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Can you name the Nascar Truck Series top money makers?

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$8,578,431300 Starts---51 Wins---4 Titles
$7,276,975297 Starts---28 Wins---3 Titles
$6,001,494300 Starts---18 Wins
$5,646,468190 Starts---21 Wins---2 Titles
$5,459,481331 Starts---5 Wins
$5,254,528230 Starts---28 Wins---1 Title
$5,115,152192 Starts---17 Wins---1 Title
$4,598,867272 Starts---2 Wins
$4,482,953290 Starts---4 Wins
$4,439,895314 Starts---6 Wins
$3,727,709138 Starts---14 Wins---1 Title
$3,540,970203 Starts---13 Wins---1 Title
$3,334,831142 Starts---9 Wins---1 Title
$3,207,128101 Starts---30 Wins
$3,172,902172 Starts---13 Wins
$3,135,323187 Starts---8 Wins
$2,345,496102 Starts---10 Wins---1 Title
$2,253,76981 Starts---16 Wins---1 Title
$2,246,490158 Starts---2 Wins
$1,817,178115 Starts---5 Wins

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