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Oh, I loved to sail the ocean, with my flag that inspired emotion. With its smiling pile of skull and bones, smashing hearts with a violent stabbing motion
The love of a lifetime for me. She gave me a son, little Prince Ed. Then poor old Jane went and dropped dead.
When Crimean War broke out, Me apply for Florence's crew, She turn me down because me black, Yep, weird I know but true
So I joined HMS Beagle, watched the eagle and the seagull, we studied rocks and plants, flowers, trees, and bees, and ants
I had just ten years on the throne, do you remember that? No, all you remember is I was really fat
'Seen better days' (That's one of his) Ah, 'Salad days' (He is the biz) 'All the world's a stage' They call me Billy Whizz
The notorious gang of Gregory liked my style and dedication, they signed me up and gave me a real robber's education
I splashed my cash to all the papal cardinals in hope That they'd be bought, They were in short And I became the Pope
Fashion topped my list of vices, bathed in asses' milk and spices, then I dressed like goddess Isis - long black hair in ringlets nicest
I celebrated Stirling Bridge - another Scottish win, by decorating my sword with the English General's skin
Chopped 'em and hacked, but what made their red blood curl: bad enough being beaten - but beaten by a girl?
Spaniels I adored, named after me too - like me they were fun with a natty hairdo
The rocks they are my warriors, I then used to boast. And that little lie helped us win wars, but violence helped the most
Never had a limp, always walked my full height, never had a hump and my arm was alright, never took the crown with illegal power, never killed my nephews - the princes in the tower
The protestants were saying that my ruling made them sick, 'Cause when it came to praying, my tastes were Catholic

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