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Which intern of Elliot's is a human beat box?
What happens when Elliot decides to go against her father's will and pursue internal medicine?
What name does Dr. Kelso give an intern when her actual name is Debbie?
What thing of Dr. Turk does Ralphie swallow?
What is Dr. Cox's nickname for Dr. Murphy?
What bet did the Janitor make with Dr. Cox?
What is J.D.'s handle when he gets Turk watchie-talkies? (also his prison name)
Why does the Janitor always tourture J.D.?
Which doctor remembers people's names by holding thier face?
What causes Carla to think she is losing her identity?
When Carla loses Rowdy, who does she replace him with?
What surgery is the Todd always trying to stop?
Who is the intern that loses his finger?
In Dr. Kelso's songs, what is his pet name for his wife?
How many fingers does the Janitor's fake wife have?
Who caused one of Carla's sisters to completly wax off her eyebrow before Carla's wedding?
What happens on J.D.'s first day when he looks at Carla while he's walking?
Who is J.D. out on a date with when he realizes he lost his mojo?
What is Sean's occupation?
What types of songs does Ted's band originally sing?
What is the name of the Army private who is recovering after his convoy is hit in Iraq?
What doctor's face is 5/6 beard?
Who is the crazy doctor that J.D. and Turk always torment?
What is the Janitor's salt/pepper shaker?
What age is Dr. Kelso when he is forced out?
How does J.D.'s family break news to eachother?
What is Dr. Kelso's son's name?
Which sitcom did Charles James write for?
What song did Hibbleton sing in order to impress Elliot?
What nickname did the Janitor attempt to give J.D. based in his hatred for the pie?

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