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Letter and Clue
A - Swedish foursome
B - Insects
C - Clothing
D - We go in and out of these
E - Part of the arm
F - Tourist from overseas
G - First book of The Bible
H - Important organ
I - Successful Australian Band
J - London to New York is long ..........?
K - Murderers
L - Equal to the answer
M - Successful Welsh act
Letter and Clue
N - US Boy Band of the late 80s/early 90s
O - Soft part of Screwdriver cocktail
P - Emergency service
Q - Elizabeth, Victoria etc
R - Songs include Man on the Moon
S - People who squeeze necks
T - US State
U - Not just me
V - Massive rock band
W - Pink chewy sweet or candy
X - They were making plans for Nigel
Y - Opposite to no
Z - Asked for all your loving

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