Pro Wrestling Nicknames: Past and Present

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Can you name the pro wrestlers by their nicknames?

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The King of the Mountain
The Olympic Gold Medalist
Version 1 (V.1)
The King of Harts
Mr. Ass
The Canadian Destroyer
The Second City Saint
The Samoan Submission Machine
Dr. Death
The Japanese Buzzsaw
The Million Dollar Man
The Game
The Hitman
The Immortal
The Blueprint
The Birdman
Big Sexy
The Belfast Brawler
The Celtic Warrior
The Phenomenal One
Big Poppa Pump
The Next Big Thing
The Mouth of the South
The Big Valbowski
The Innovator of Violence
World's Strongest Man
The Barber
The King
Nature Boy
The All-American American
Mr. Wonderful
Latino Heat
The Punjabi Playboy
The Franchise
The Hardcore Legend
The Cat
Macho Man
The Total Package
The British Bulldog
The American Dream
The Glamazon
The Phenom
The Monster
The Icon
The People's Champion
The Body
The Rated 'R' Superstar
The Charismatic Enigma
The World's Most Dangerous Man
The Animal
The Viper
Stone Cold
Captain Charisma
The Boss
The Big Red Monster
The Masterpiece
Black Machismo
The Prince of Punk
The Brain
The Bad Guy
The Rabid Wolverine
The Monday Night Delight
The World's Largest Love Machine
Good Ol' J.R.
Road Dogg
The Anvil
The Human Suplex Machine
The Snake
The Whole F'n Show
Heartbreak Kid (HBK)

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