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TV show: Hunting supernatural creatures2011-
Movie: Man tries to survive in the wilderness2007
Animated Tim Burton Movie with wedding2005
Movie: Girl loves man who sparkles2008
Dark, Animated movie where girl find another world like hers2009
TV: Bad guys make best good guys2008-
TV-Movie: Girl discovers she's a witch follow grandma to magical town1998
Movie: dark superhero, starring Val Kilmer1995
Movie: 3D Stoner Buds and Neil Patrick Harris celebrate Christmas2011
Movie: 3 pets escape a ranch and make a journey home1993
Movie: an FBI track a man who has taken up hunting very large game2003
Movie: A group of dumb guys film themselves doing stupid stunts mostly involving private parts2002
Movie: A boy helps a lovable whale to freedom1993
TV show: The Dream of the 90's, Put a Bird on it2011-
Movie: Man goes to insane asylum, craziness ensues1975
Movie: a college fraternity and a determined dean1978
Movie: A tough cop undercover as a teacher1990
Movie: A video, a well, a phone call, and a reporter2002
Movie: A group of boys hunt for treasure and never say die1985
Movie: Isolated hotel, evil presence makes father crazy1980

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