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Original; transforming, mascot care
Original; holding
Original; attack
Original; mascot care
Original; collecting
Max Heart; transforming, mascot care
Max Heart; transforming
Max Heart; collecting
Max Heart; holding
Max Heart; attack
Max Heart; attack
Max Heart; miscellaneous
Max Heart; power boost
Splash Star; transforming, mascot care
Splash Star; collecting
Splash Star; holding
Splash Star; attack
Splash Star; transforming, mascot care
Splash Star; attack, mascot care
Yes! 5; transforming
Yes! 5; collecting
Yes! 5; holding
Yes! 5; attack
5 GoGo!; transforming, communication
5 GoGo!; transforming, attack
5 GoGo!; collecting
5 GoGo!; holding
5 GoGo!; attack
5 GoGo!; communication
5 GoGo!; attack
Fresh!; transforming, communication
Fresh!; attack
Fresh!; attack
Fresh!; attack, miscellaneous
Heartcatch!; transformation
Heartcatch!; collecting, power boost
Heartcatch!; holding, transforming
Heartcatch!; attack
Heartcatch!; transforming
Heartcatch!; attack
Heartcatch!; power boost, attack
Suite; transforming
Suite; attack
Suite; attack
Suite; attack
Suite; attack
Suite; collecting
Suite; holding
Fresh!; mascot care, attack

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