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QuoteMissing Word(s)Episode
'And then your wife start getting all mad because the roof won't close, and the bed thats in the shape of ____ ____ is getting rained on.'Season 4
'A book hasn't caused me this much trouble since Where's Waldo went to that _______ ____ factory!'Into the Crevasse
'I will eat a bowl of cherries and some ______ meat, in his honor.'Stone Mountain
'He's evil Tracy?! Oh, he's ____ _____ _____.'Audition Day
'You're blowing up like a balloon with a _______ in it.'The Problem Solvers
'The ______ show lied to me.' (Tracy's reason for getting a vasectomy)Sun Tea
'Liz Lemon, recently I realized I have a hole in my heart, and not the one I got from eating _________.'Deal Breakers Talk Show #0001
'Why don't Catholics eat meat on Fridays? I'll tell you why: it's because the Pope owns ____ ____ _______.'Secret Santa
'I know it's a girl because I shouted _____ _ ______ at the moment of conception.'Klaus and Greta
(About his sons) 'I threw them in the deep end of our pool. To help get them over their fear of _____.'Black Light Attack!
(Doing stand up in Cleveland) 'I suck!? The ____ ___ _____ ____ __ _____ sucks!'Winter Madness
QuoteMissing Word(s)Episode
'Ok, I don't mean to be the _____ ___ at the movie, but you better move girl!'Verna
'But if Beyonce simply answered one of my letters, I'd stop trying to _____ ____ ___ _____.'Anna Howard Shaw Day
'Do they give a medal for __________ misplacement?' Future Husband
'I'm here to announce that I'm leaving show business to spend more time with my ______.'Don Geiss, America, and Hope
'We have to ___ _____ this! We have to go to sleep and kill Kenneth in our dreams!'Floyd
'Just ask the black guy, cuz we all know each other. Pete, could you ask a ____ _____ to stop scaring me, at zoos!'Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
'I can't change! I'm like a chameleon: always a ______.'Khonani
'Grizz I've known you since you was 6 ____ ____.'Argus
'Stay tuned for a special Mothers Day edition of _____ ______.'The Moms
'A homeless man cooking a ___ ______ on the third rail of the G-Train! The G-Train Nermal!'Emmanuel Goes to Dinosaur Land
'Do a sloppy job and they'll leave you alone. That's how I get out of foreplay with Angie.... and my ____.'I Do Do

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