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Can you name the different names that Tobias has been called?

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ClueNameWho called him this.
Nickname in prison after White Power Bill kills himself.People in Prison
The roll that he goes to prison to study for. Himself
Don't leave your uncle _-___ hangin'. Himself
Name he got by mailing gift bags to casting directors 'Never hire Tobias Funke'.Casting Director
'There's only one man I've ever called a coward, and that's Brian Doyle Murray. No, what I'm calling you is a __________ _____'Warden Gentles
Tobias' Mrs. Doubtfire like character. Himself
What Maeby 'mistakenly' calls her father while he is dressed up as a maid.Maeby
Michael thinks he might have a sister with this name, but George Sr. claims that 'she' married Lindsay.Lucille
ClueNameWho called him this.
Lindsay calls him this on occasion. Lindsay
'Theres a new daddy in town, a __________ _____'Himself
Working on the voice for his scandal makers roll he says 'I'm ______ __'Himself
His title is this on his business card.Himself
'It's been years since somebody called me a ____'White Power Bill
Tobais buys a night club and the sign read 'Tobias is _____ ____'Night Club Sign
Tobias gets hair plugs and Lupe calls out '__ ___ is bleeding!'Lupe

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