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Can you name the country by its top three food and agricultural commodities by value?

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Top three commoditiesCountry
Yams, Cocoa beans, Plantains
Olives, Cotton, Grapes
Yams, Cassava, Groundnuts
Chicken, Rice, Asparagus
Beef, Tobacco, Cotton
Beef, Sugar cane, Soybeans
Beef, Mangoes, Yams
Rice, Eggs, Cow's milk
Dates, Goat's milk, Goat meat
Pigmeat, Grapes, Olives
Cow's milk, Beef, Wheat
Top three commoditiesCountry
Beef, Cow's milk, Maize
Wheat, Rapeseed, Pork
Buffalo's milk, Rice, Cow's milk
Coconuts, Pumkins and squashes, Pigmeat
Cotton, Cow's milk, Potatoes
Bananas, Pigmeat, Chicken
Rice, Tea, Coconuts
Chicken, Goat milk, Sugar cane
Wheat, Chicken, Olives
Dates, Chicken, Eggs
Plantains, Potatoes, Beans

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