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What is the reaction plants used to make their own food? 
What is the name of the series of openings on the under sides of leaves to allow gas exchange? 
Which type of plants, such as Venus fly traps, obtain nutrients from trapping and consuming animals? 
Which type of plants produce two seed leaves? 
Which cells give pears their gritty texture? 
What term describes when the last existing member of a species dies? 
What is the name of the line along which species are counted? 
What is the number of different species in a given area known as? 
What term describes the species such as lichens that colonize previously uncolonized land 
What does the Simpson's Index give a measure of? 
Which organs filter urea from the blood? 
Which is the largest blood vessel in the body? 
Where are the islets of Langerhans found? 
Which cells insulate axons on nerve cells? 
Which lobe of the brain is responsible for associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech? 
Where is the DNA stored in a (eukaryotic) cell? 
How many pairs of chromosomes does each human body cell have? 
Different versions of a gene are called... 
Which enzyme is used to replicate DNA in PCR as it is not denatured at the high temperatures needed? 
Which nucleotide sequences within a gene are removed by RNA splicing? 
Are bacteria, viruses or fungi the smallest? 
What is the reproduction division process in yeast known as? 
What does the E stand for in E. coli? 
Which infectious agents do not contain nucleic acids? 
What can be used to identify bacterial with high levels of peptidoglycan in their cell walls? 
Which land mammal has the longest gestational period? 
What is entomology the study of? 
Which order do humans belong to? 
Which class do scorpions belong to? 
What term describes organisms that leave the nest shortly after hatching or birth? 

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