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A : Gary's power in war of god
Ep 100 
B : Gary's phobia in SNSD Special
Ep 63 
C : Dynamic Duo member in Hip Hop Special
Ep 59 
D : Gary's superpower in superpower race
Ep 74 
E : T-ara member
Ep 7, Ep 104 
F : One of song title of Running Man vs B** B***
Ep 84-85 
G : Kwangsoo's friend in 'I Miss You Friend' mission
Ep 34 
H : Name of country that Jackie Chan appeared this episode
Ep 72-73 
J : The first place superpower voted by viewer
Ep 93 
K : Running girl who replace Jihyo
Ep 61, Jihyo cannot join due schedule conflicts 
L : The Running Man member who his/her nametag was ripped
Ep 1 
M : National's sister who coupled with Jongkook
Ep 114 
N : Venue where the first appeared of Running Man Ball (Runnung Ball)
Ep 6 
O : The best fugitive
Ep 33 
P : Guest in National heroes episodes
Ep 109 
R :Guest in Santa Claus Special
Ep 125 
S : Second place mission in beijing race
Ep 61 
T : Haha's partner in SNSD special
Ep 63 
Y : She is crying after played 1 vs 8 game
Ep 16 
Z : In Runningman School field trip, what is Gary identity in the end?
Ep 98 

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