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Can you name the main characters on the show 'Harpers Island'?

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Flower girl, niece of the bride, kidnapped by the killer, found in a tunnel, escaped with her mother
Brother-in-law of the bride, works for the father of the bride, shot with a harpoon
Killer who went on a rampage prior to these killings, was suspected to be killed, killed 15 people, was stabbed in heart by son, the groom
Former boyfriend of the bride, invited to the wedding by the brides father,killed by a booby trapped shotgun on a boat
Friend of the main character, lives on the island and runs the bar, stabbed through the stomach at the bar after the first killer burst in
Uncle of the groom, killed on a bridge in the first episode
Friends with the main character, her mother was killed 7 years prior, was found hung in her home
One of the groomsmen, one of the people who found the money on the boat, accidentally shot himself in the leg while burying the money
One of the brides bridesmaids, flirts with other guys, but her relationship with her boyfriend is genuine, jumps of a bridge so the killer can't kill her after he killed her fiance
The bride of the wedding, she is rich and she loves her father even though he doesn't like the groom, she was stabbed in the side by her fiance
Adopted brother of the groom, cut open at the marina after escaping the town prison
Sheriff of the Island, father of the main character, made a deal with the killer that he would die instead of the main characters friend, he is hung
One of the groomsmen, one of the grooms friends from college, is stabbed through the eye with a memo holder while fighting the killer
Married to the brides father, stepmother to bride, found stabbed while everybody was on a mad search for the brides niece
Father of the bride, real estate agent, hit in head with a head spade during wedding rehersal
Bridesmaid, friend of the bride, fell into a pit and burned alive
Local fisherman, main characters love iterest, tackles the killer off of a cliff, escapes with the main character
Main character, best friend of the groom, mother was killed 7 years prior and was sent off the island by her father, witnesses her father die, kills the killer by stabbing him thro
Bridesmaid and friend of the bride, discovered cut in half in the underground tunnels
The oucast of the wedding party, came with his girlfriend who is a bridesmaid, is stabbed on a bridge after saving and proposing to his girlfriend
Sister of the bride, escapes with her daughter on a boat
Lives on the Island, is a local fisherman, is put in jail for kidnapping someone, stabbed at the bar after fighting the killer to save all of the of ther people
The groom, found out to be the other killers son, killed 11 people, stabbed with a boarding knife at the bottom of the cliff
One of the groomsmen, brews his own beer, killed while burning the money that he found on the boat
Owner of the Candlewick Inn, plans the wedding, found hung outside a window at the Cannery(the bar)
One of the groomsmen, the grooms best friend and his beat man, stabbed in the back in a stand off between the two killers

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