History Year

Funny Exam Answers
If only funny exam answers actually helped your grade.
On This Day: October
We thought the only thing that happened in October was Halloween, but this quiz seems to suggest otherwise.
TV Shows That Debuted in 2015
It's hard to believe these shows have only been around for a year.
2011 Movies by Poster
This quiz is a lot like watching 20 movie trailers all at once, but without the inevitable migraine.
'Seven' Year Major Events by Seven Word Clue
The number seven is supposedly lucky. If that's not a reason to play this quiz, then we don't know what is.
Quick Pick: 1997 Events
Pick the country in which each of these 1997 events occurred.
2016 in Pictures
Fill in the missing word(s) to these things that happened during 2016.
'Six' Year Major Events by Six Word Clue
Tune in for the updated version of this quiz once the Earth is conquered by aliens in 2026.
Barbie Doll History by Year
I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world...
Summer Olympic Years by Poster
Careful, wrong answers count here.
Movies Without Actors
Where did everybody go?
50 Flicks to Click (1983)
In 1983, Swatch made their first watches, Fraggle Rock premiered for the first time, and Tom Cruise made this face.
US Election Years by Loser
Name the year by the person or people who lost the race.
Former Countries' Borders
Name the former neighbors if Europe for it.
On This Day: August
Who knew so many things happened in August? We usually spend our Augusts laying around, enjoying the weather.
Quick Pick: 1998 Events
Pick the country in which each of these 1998 events occurred.
'80s Timeline Picture Click
An '80s quiz wouldn't be complete without MJ making an appearance.
Basketball Hall of Famers by Draft Year
Like wine, some years are just better than others.
2012 Movies by Poster
We can't believe it's been four years since these movies hit the big screen.
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