Sports World Cup Quizzes

FIFA World Cup Finals
They've all had their hands on that glorious trophy.
Soccer International Tournaments Top 5
Recognition across the continent!
English clubs with players in a World Cup
Certainly not skinny on numbers here.
World Champion Countries
Here's a sports quiz where some geography knowledge will come in handy.
Find the 2002 FIFA World Cup Winners
Don't remind me about David Seaman.
Who Won the World Cup?
Is São Tomé and Príncipe not on the list? I must have dreamt that.
International Football XIs: Argentina
¡Vamos vamos Argentina!
Italian clubs with players in a World Cup
Supplying the never-ending array of Azzurri talent!
I've never been in a World Cup squad
Neither have I actually.
No Goal in a FIFA World Cup
Sometimes it's not easy finding the back of the net.
International Football XIs: Netherlands
How well do you know your Oranje lineups?
Club Teams of FIFA World Cup Champions 1930–2014
Always good to boost your clubs reputation!
World Cup Finals' Goalscorers (1974 - 2014)
It's one way ot write your name in history!
Seeded 8 World Cup Teams
They're generally quite reliable.
Countries of the World Cup by Any 3 Letters
It's a shame Saint Vincent and the Grenadines aren't on the list!
England World Cup Scorers (Slideshow)
Your defence is terrified!
Memorable World Cup penalty shootouts
Shut your eyes for this one!
Teams that defeated the defending World Cup Champion
The trophy wanted a new home anyway.
Find the World Cup Host Countries
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for 2026?
World Cup Countries 20+ Games Played
That's a long time for the nerves to handle!
FIFA World Cup Droughts
World Cups aren't as fun when you aren't in it.
Find the 2014 FIFA World Cup Winners
If you need ASSISTance, Mesut Özil is here to help.
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: World Cup
This is what happens when the El Clásico meets the Copa Mundial!
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