Geography World Quizzes

Where'd That Landmark Go?
Wasn't this the plot of Despicable Me?
Language Throw Down
If you don't get it to begin with ... you'll soon pick it up!
11-Letter Criteria Countries
Hint: All answers will have 11 letters.
Where on Earth Is...
Unrelated, but did you ever stop to think about the frequent flyer miles Carmen Sandiego must have had?
'G' Natural World
Gee whiz, who knew that there were so many great G things in the world.
Countries by First and Last Letter
We've provided you with the bread, now make the sandwich.
Wars Through the Years
The War of 1812 still feels like it was just yesterday to us.
Invisible Countries of the World
Even countries enjoy a good game of hide-and-seek every now and then.
Click the Landlocked Countries: Minefield
You can literally see the answers on your screen. This should be cake.
Countries Under a Million
These countries all have a smaller population than Rhode Island.
Full of 'It' Countries
These countries just seem to have that 'it' factor.
Countries: Jeopardy Style
We'll take Kyrgyzstan for $200, please.
Countries by Last Letter 'N'
These countries make a lastin' impression.
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