Just For Fun Word Play

33 Ways Not to 'Care'
For those a care a little bit.
Capital Consonant Pattern Puzzle
Let's keep things consonant.
First Two Letters Switched
A two-letter switch agme.
Anagram Trios
It may seem like there are MILES to go
but I promise, there's no SLIME
so have fun and try to SMILE
Cryptogram Map - Sitcoms
TV show titles can be puzzling.
Quick Pick: Currency Jokes
Franc-ly, keep it rial, lest you pound the table and go bhat-ty.
Quick Pick: Tom Swifties V
Here comes Mr Swifties again ...
Epitaphs: Word Play
These puns put the fun in funeral.
Categorical Word Play
They're puns…in a manner of speaking.
Five-Letter in Seven-Letter
We'll let you do the math on these letter ratios.
Slideshow Puzzler: The 24-Hour Multiplex
Don't think too hard. You have all night... and day.
Sums Like It Hotter
Weird twists on math are the best kinds of math.
X Quiz It
This quiz is in-x-se.
Pick the Aptonyms
My dentist, Dr. Molar, isn't famous enough to have made the grade.
Back-to-School Jokes
Going back to school is no joke.
Complete the 5-Letter Word IV
Without their last letter, these words could be just about anything.
Adaptable 'AD-'s
If you ever wanted to remove ads in a Sporcle quiz, you can do it here.
The Original Word Ladder
This is like a blast to the past.
Quick Pick: On the _____
On the other hand ... you have different fingers
Symphony in Slang, Part 1
A clickable word play adventure begins here.
Oh, Again with the Irony
We're ready for the heated debate about the definition of 'irony' in the comments.
Sums Like It Hot
This is a new way to do math.
10 Words, 20 Definitions
This is definitely wordy.
States Containing Words
The answers should neither make you ILL, nor ANNOY you.
Complete the 5-Letter Word III
These letters just need a little help with their endings.
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