Gaming Video Games

Video Game Title Acronyms
I liked this quiz, and it included a good variety of games.
Gaming Groups Grab Bag
Gaming is usually better in a group anyway.
Nintendo Title Word Sorting Blitz
Metroid: Samus's Nightmare... The Return of F-Zero... something doesn't sound quite right here.
Poké Ball - Gotta find 'em all
It was so fun and easy to do.
Songs About Video Games
In 1980, Space Invaders was so big that both Player One and Pretenders named songs after the game. Knowing that will not help with this quiz.
Click the Video Game Series Subtitles
Some of these games take you to the high seas, others to the battlefield. All deserve more entries.
Orange-Themed Trivia
Sporcle sure loves their oranges.
Nintendo Characters by Quote
I love this quiz! It's very challenging! I think they did a great job.
Chronology of Video Games
This is a quick, fun little quiz that I feel has an eclectic agenda of games.
Video Game To-Do Lists
1. Hit 'Play Game'. 2. Name video games. 3. Finish the game.
Gaming Silhouettes III
Hopefully not all of these will leave you in the dark.
Name the Characters: Waldo Style (picture)
It should be easy to find Waldo here... he's the only one who looks like a normal human, right?
N64 Music Quiz: 15 seconds
Name the N15 games given a 64-second clip from its soundtrack. Wait...
First Five: Gaming
When playing games, if you're not first, you're last.
Pokémon Go Teams
When this whole thing passes, will they rename the app to Pokémon went?
Video Game Cities
If you only knew the world via video games, you'd have trouble understanding the concept of tourism.
Overwatch Heroes
'Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?'
Click the Original Mortal Kombat Characters
Get over here and finish this quiz.
Ground Pokémon (Gen I)
Well a few of these are onix-pected.
NFL Player by Madden Cover
Video games have come a long way since Tecmo Bowl.
Pokémon Without 'P-O-K-E-M-O-N' (Gen I)
We tried to avoid a Pokémon pun here, but we just couldn't keep our meowths shut.
Pokémon Type-Named Moves
Ok, so you've caught a few Pokémon - but do you know their moves?
PC Games of the 1990s
Take a trip back to the golden age of LucasArts and John Romero games.
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