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Monarchs of Britain by Royal House
Some of these houses must have been pretty big to fit all the monarchs inside.
UK Immigrant Origin Countries by Continent
Really seems like we could have some wisecrack here about Brexit, but it still feels too soon.
Australian, British or Canadian Prime Minister?
Oy! In which jolly good country were these people Prime Minister, eh?
Spice Girls: real and nicknames (map)
A quick quiz to spice up your day!
Landmark by Uncommon Photo
Can you recognize these landmarks from a different angle?
British TV Match
Sometimes, you channel surf your way right across the pond.
In Front of 10 Downing Street
A famous door, for famous people to stand in front of.
US States: Smaller or Larger than UK
Apparently the UK is a lot bigger than we thought.
Double-Letter British Prime Ministers
Hey! Save some letters for the rest of us.
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