Language Translation

Literal Scientific Animal Names
You'll never look at a mouse-eared daylight-shunner the same way again.
Translated Spanish Towns
It's safe to say that most of these towns should stick with their Spanish translations.
Animals in 4 languages
Critters vocab.
November in Other Languages
Remember, remember the words for November.
Quick Pick: Count to 20 in Danish
A quiz with Seks appeal.
Pixar in Foreign Languages
Oesday Igpay Atinlay ountcay asway away oreignfay anguagelay?
Lingo from the 1980s
Dude, we are like so totally psyched about this quiz.
First Five: Language
Time for a High Five!
Sorting Blitz: Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Boom!
This quiz FTW!
Body Parts in 4 languages
Enough body parts for another Saw movie!
Country Names in Hawaiian
It's hard to transcribe foreign names too precisely when your language only distinguishes 8 consonant sounds.
Esperanto nouns by source language
Can you recognize these Esperanto nouns derived from a variety of European languages?
Quick Pick: 'D' Latin Phrases
Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus
In Plain English: Othello
Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words, but apparently never thought to use 'happily ever after.'
Languages in other Languages
Don't confuse the columns.
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