Music Song Quizzes

5-Star Christmas Songs
All we want for Christmas is for you to play this quiz.
10 to 1: Rolling Stones Songs
It's been 50 years, they must have at least 10 songs.
Before 'Love' Song Titles
What comes before Love?
Mistletoe Songs
Be wary of those bearing fake mistletoe!
60 Opening Lyrics #5 (Clip)
This is the point most people recognise the song anyway.
10 to 1: 1970s Albums
10 to 1 you'll really enjoy this quiz
Duet Shooting Gallery
Sometimes it takes two.
Secret Song
A different take on lyric quizzes
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'X', 'Y' and 'Z'
Okay, you can start at XY&Z and play the playlist backwards through A on this great series!
Stairway to Heaven: Picture-Clicky-Oke
This quiz may require some imagination, but it is really great fun
50 Hits to Click: 1987
There are so many artists that had questionable hairdos in this quiz.
60 Opening Lyrics (Clip)
These songs had us hooked from the get-go.
2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees (Clips)
Maybe the bands with the most recognized clips should get in.
Christmas Songs in Emojis
Is there an emoji depicting a reindeer-trampled grandmother?
Sung Titles: Billy Joel
You are entitled to enjoy this quiz
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 14)
We hope this quiz brings a little Beatle-Mania to 2016.
Actors in Songs?
I'm not sure how many of these guys can even sing.
Stop Arguing! You Are Both Right.
When it comes to arguing, say what you mean, but don't say it mean.
Pearl Jam: Songs and Lyrics
This is a pearl of a quiz.
True or False: Billboard #1 Albums
I kept looking for Madonna's True Blue and Spanau Ballet's True, but I had a false assumption about this quiz.
Artist Names in Songs
We'll let you finish this quiz, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.
The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987
Don't feel like you need to Rush this quiz.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music
This quizzes includes everything from The Beatles to Kpop.
50 Rock guitar clips
You'd be hard pressed to make a rock song without a guitar.
Questions From Meghan Trainor's 'No'
Perhaps Meghan will train you for Black Friday shopping. At the least she may give you some advice on how to save money
Thankful Song Titles
What are you thankful for?
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