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What Do You Stand For? (Musical Artists)
Are you in sync with what the initials of each musical group stand for?
Musical Books by Musical Women
Let's hope some of that song-writing talent translates over to book writing.
Music Videos - Dance in the Streets (Picture Click)
None of these are scenes from West Side Story
Bands and Musicians by Keychain
You don't have to sing in key to recognize these key chains.
Album to Artist ('80s)
'80s albums just had a pizzazz that today's albums are missing.
The Singer, Not the Song (Clickable)
The Rolling Stones sang "It's the Singer not the Song" and this quiz proves them right!
Lead Singer Swap
The new singers had some big shoes to fill.
The Last Word: Female Singers II
These women are captivating from the first word to the last.
Female 'A' Singers Matching Blitz
I hope you get an A on this quiz or better yet, 20 A's
The Wisdom Of Billy Joel
Are you wise enough to ace this quiz?
Album Cover Close-Up
A good quiz for short-sighted listeners.
80s Female Singers (Picture Click)
The 80's had very big hair!
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