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Big 4 Logos Collage III
Lions and Tigers and Bears...and Bulls...and Cubs...and Dodgers...oh my!
Invisible NFL Teams
Imagine if football teams actually became invisible upon typing out their names.
Southparkified NFL Players
Oh my God, they killed Brady!
NFL States & Provinces
We feel bad for the states without a football team. What do you do on Sundays?
NFL Teams by Touchdown Celebration
Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson not included.
Mixed Big 4 Logos
We're not sure how fans would feel about these new team combinations.
NFL 7+ Rushing TD Teammates (2000s)
These players were just about that action, boss.
Sports Logos Close-Up V
Consider yourself lucky. Most people can only see these logos this close by getting tackled by a professional athlete.
NFL Career Ranking Showdown
It pains us to think that Johnny Manziel may never be statistically significant enough to be on a quiz like this.
NFL Top 25 Interception Leaders
Some teams giveth, others take away. Just ask any Denver Broncos fan.
Last Five: Big 4 Champions
You don't need a good memory to remember these recent winners.
NFL Teams Without 'NFL'
Without the NFL, teams are just teams.
NFL Team by Stadium Picture
When you think about it, this quiz took billions of dollars to make.
NFL Top 100: Top 10
Surprisingly, no punters made the Top 10.
2016 NFL Opening Day Quarterbacks
Sorry Tim, this quiz isn't for you.
Big 4 Sports Trios
Sports do not build character. They reveal it. Much like this quiz.
Three Players, Same Team (NFL)
The hard part will be trying to remember which of these teams Vinny Testaverde didn't play for.
NFL Career Yardage Leaders Over 30
It's definitely not a coincidence that a lot of these guys have a bust in Canton.
NFL Players with 500+ Receptions for One Team
These teams sure got their money's worth when they recruited these players.
NFL 40,000 Yard QBs by Image
40,000 yards is more than 22 miles. So these guys have thrown a football for almost an entire marathon.
NFL Top 100 Players (2016)
This is basically a popularity contest for NFL players.
NFL Player by Madden Cover
Video games have come a long way since Tecmo Bowl.
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