Geography Asia

Find the Regions of Saudi Arabia (Picture Click)
Can you find the Regions of Saudi Arabia?
Country Quiz: Indonesia
It's the 4th most populous country, but how much do you actually know about Indonesia?
Asian Capitals in Asian Languages
Can you match these Asian capitals (in their own languages) to their countries?
Countries of Asia Without Outlines
These outlines are just imaginary anyway.
Black in the Flag: Asia
Can you name the Asian countries with black in their flags?
Richest Asian Countries
If we were as rich as some of these countries, we'd build artificial islands too.
Badly Drawn Flags of Asia (Slideshow)
Can you name the Asian country flags by their terribly drawn representatives?
Asia by Direction
Can you pick the Asian country described by each directional clue?
Closest Countries to Australia
Countries can't all be the land down under, but they sure can try.
Asia Without Sporcle
Can you name the Asian Countries Without seeing 'S', 'P', 'O', 'R', 'C', 'L', 'E' letters?
Asian Mammals
This quiz is full of pandamonium.
Rice-Producing Countries
Brown or white, rice is right.
Name an Asian Country That...
Name an Asian country that starts with a 'K' and contains two 'Y''s and a 'Z'.
Click Asia: Peninsulas
Can you click these Asian Peninsulas?
Hinduism Basics
13% of the world's population is Hindu, but how many of these basic facts do you know?
Find the Green: Flags of Asia I
Can you click on the part that should be green for each of these Asian flags?
Smallest Countries of Asia per Letter Minefield
Asia is pretty darn big, but these countries are anything but.
Islands of the Sea of Japan and East China Sea region
Can you pick the Islands of Japan, Taiwan and the surrounding areas?
Asia: Landlocked or Not?
Can you pick which Asian countries are landlocked and which are not?
Country Sets III
These countries have just really set themselves apart from the rest.
North vs South Korea
Can you choose the highest scoring country - (N)orth or (S)outh - for each category?
10+ Letter Asian Countries
If you're ever playing a blitz, these are not the countries to take the time to spell out.
Asian Capitals Typing Challenge
Can you type all the Asian capital cities before the time runs out?
Countries of Asia: 1900
Can you name the countries in Asia and countries with territorial control in Asia* as they were in 1900?
Fix the Asia Map
You're going to need more than a Band-Aid to mend this broken map.
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