Music Artist

Quick Pick: The Cure Songs
If you're bored, this is The Cure for your boredom!
Missing Word: Bad Company A-Z
You don't want this bands' company!
50 Songs: 10 Artists 15 (Clips)
This series has gone through 150 artists and 750 songs!
1 Album, 3 Songs #4 (Clips)
Name the artists, albums and songs.
Missing Word: Smashing Pumpkins Songs (A-Z)
Well, the owners of those pumpkins must be angry.
'E' Artists by 3 Singles
3 is all you need!
Missing Word: Alice Cooper A-Z
Halloween's coming, so listen to some Alice Cooper!
David Bowie Songs by Opening Lyrics
Hey man, play this quiz.
Billboard Album & Single by Decade
You really can't go wrong with any of the artists in this quiz.
Which band? (Multiple Choice)
If you don't know the answer you've still got a 25% of getting it right.
Artists on Now! Volume 91 (UK)
Do you remember the popular artists of 2014-2015?
Quick Pick: Blink-182 Songs
In order to ace this quiz you need to blink 182 times.
Blitz: Marley or Marley
Father or son?
Quick Pick: Mötley Crüe Songs
A quiz to make you feel good and to make you feel alright!
US Billboard #2 Hits
They may be #2 on the charts but they'll always be #1 in our hearts.
Green Day: 100 Songs (Clip Quiz)
A quiz to get you excited for their new album!
Female 'H & I' Singers Matching Blitz
Was it coincidence that nopurplesky combined 'H & I'? Or is nopurplesky simply saying "hi"?
The Big Board: Music
The title says Big Board but, this quiz has nothing to do with the Dow.
Quick Pick: Gordon Lightfoot Songs
How light is Gordon's foot?
Missing Word: The Doors Songs (A-Z)
This quiz blows the Doors off of the average quiz!
Not My Album Chain (Multiple Choice)
Lots of artists sang songs with the word chain in the title, but that isn't much help
50 Songs, 50 States, 50 Artists 2 (Clips)
Who knew that EVERY state has held at least one great artist?
Hated Signature Songs
I bet they did not hate the paychecks!
Musical guests on Sesame Street by Clip
I didn't know there were so many musical guests on Sesame Street.
150 Top Hits by Canadians on Hot 100
I kept searching for Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians, but that old acquaintance was forgot
Band and Musician Keychains
You ever shred on a keychain, dude?
'C' Artists by 3 Singles
Three's all you need.
Top 100 Albums: Click the Artist
It just takes 63 to get to 100, how easy is that?
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