Music Artist

'Little' Song Titles
I might know this little diddy if you hum a few bars
Fortunate Son Clicky-oke
Any Sporcler who can click their way through this is a fortunate one.
Missing Word: Elvis Presley Songs (A-Z)
Help! The King of Rock is missing words!
Find the Van Gogh Paintings
Someday Nintendo will make his work a runaway game for your mobile phone called Pokémon Gogh.
Male Solo Artists by Picture II
Oh, so that's how he looks like! Pt. 2
'A' Artists by 3 Singles
Warning: ABBA songs may or may not be stuck in your head after playing this quiz.
Male Solo Artists by Picture
'Diva' is usually used when describing female celebrities, but we think it's a pretty apt word for some of these men.
Top 50 Favorite Songs
In this game, there is no penalty for clipping
Quick Pick: Foreigner Songs
Did anybody tell Lou Gramm what love is?
Bands' Highest Charting Albums: 1980s
Can you pick the most successful 80's album for each band?
Missing Word: Van Halen
Remember to jump! When you get a high score.
50 Songs By: Who? 4 (Clips)
You have to respect the amount of research that Project50Songs had to do to create these 4 great quizzes!
Clickable One Album Wonders
Not all of these bands feature Eric Clapton.
R.E.M.: 100 Songs (Clip Quiz)
Your eyes will be rapidly moving throughout this quiz.
Missing Word: U2 Songs (A-Z)
Another brilliant missing word quiz!
90's Music: Match Music Artists to their Songs
Can you match the diverse group of songs to the artists?
Quick Pick: Genesis Songs
A band where lead singers turn into stars.
Twenty One Pilots Songs
Not to be all judgy, but do you really need 21 pilots in one plane?
Band and Musician Keychains, Vol. 2
Alice in Keychains part 2!
Missing Word: Nirvana Songs (A-Z)
Includes some none album songs!
Badly Remembered Songs
If you are ever looking for that perfect song to set the mood, might we recommend 'I Want to Hold Your Walrus.'
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'X', 'Y' and 'Z'
Oh, so that's how they look like!
Billboard's Greatest Adult Pop Songs Artists
It's possible we are being a little fast and loose with the word 'Greatest.'
Musician Images (A-Z) III
This is certainly one way to help learn those pesky ABCs.
What Do You Stand For? (Musical Artists)
Are you in sync with what the initials of each musical group stand for?
Sort Artists by Peak Chart Position (80s, Even Yrs) IV
Ahhh, eighties, I'm living in the eighties.
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