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The HaggardHawks Missing Letters Game 2
Words with ickle bits missing.
Largest State Containing Each Letter
Apparently, the letter Q isn't welcome in any states, and that makes us a little sad.
4-Letter Countries Per Letter
These 4-letter words are totally fine to say in front of a parent or teacher.
Drop a G
It's like Dr. Dre said, ain't nothin' but a 'G' thang.
Letters Minefield: Pixar Movies
'Just keep swimming' is great advice until you swim into the occasional mine.
Least Populous Country of Africa per Letter Minefield
To be fair, Africa does contain the world's largest uninhabitable space.
Avoid the Premier League 'T' Teams
The Earl Greys are truly soccer's most underrated team.
Risky Map Clicking: States by Unique Ending Letters
Apparently Virginia is not very unique
Word Ladder: 5-Letter Alphabet
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Starts with 'EA' to 'EZ'
We've already spotted you two ways to spell 'easy'/'ez'.
Geography by Numbers: Starting Letters
Try to stay inside the borders.
Alphabetical Threesomes II
This quiz will help you get your ducks in a row.
Gemstones by Letter
Before you get too excited, Infinity Stones are not actual gems.
Word Search Logic Puzzle
Combining two puzzle types into one only seems logical.
Archaic Scripts II (Picture Click)
Can you follow the script?
Algebra... With a Difference!
And that difference is... it's not algebra.
Advance three letters
These words are three steps ahead of the rest
Smallest Country Containing Each Letter
Whoever said that size doesn't matter clearly never played quizzes on Sporcle.
Cursive Alphabet Upside-Down
Standing on your head may help.
Letters Minefield: Presidents' First Names
We happen to know these presidents on a first name basis.
Add a letter to 'CAR'
You need a bigger car.
Smallest Countries of Asia per Letter Minefield
Asia is pretty darn big, but these countries are anything but.
Just For Fun 7-to-1
Time to do some sorting!
NATO Phonetic Alphabet (Picture Click)
The alphabet that was designed to function without visuals now has visuals!
Missing Word: Agatha Christie (A-Z)
She writes so well about murder... maybe a little too well...
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