Races in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

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Can you name the races in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion?

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Lizard, breathes underwater, good at stealth & alteration, comes from Argonia
Human, good at magic, often monks, come from High Rock
Elf, good at destruction & combat, usually blue skinned, come from Morrowind
Elf, good at magic, yet oddly weak against it, come from Summerset Isle
Human, good at speech & combat, come from Cyrodiil
Tiger-like creature, good at acrobatics & stealth, come from Elsweyr (no, not elsewhere)
'Human', usually wield blunt weapons & are resistant to frost, come from Skyrim
Humanoid creature, good with blunt weapons and usually quite hostile, come from Orsinium
Human, good all-rounder race (as some claim), although I think they are more suited to combat. Originate from Hammerfell
Elf, good at stealth and Marksman, usually hunters, come from Valenwood

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