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Can you name the Missing part in the Theme song and Ad jingles?

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ClueAnswerTheme or Ad
877-_ _ _ - LunaAd
When it comes crashin' down and it ___________ ___________, You gotta make a stand......Theme
1-800-_ _- GiantAd
Hero's in a __________ ___________, turtle powerTheme
877-_ _ _ _- NowAd
He's gona bring ____________ down to zeroTheme
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm, I'm _________ itAd
Race cars, Lasers, Air planes, its a _________ _______Theme
i want my _______ backAd
New boy in the neighborhood, he lives _____________ and its understoodTheme
i feel like __________ tonight, like __________ tonightAd
Space, the final frontier, these are the _________ of the star ship EnterpriseTheme
What would you do for a ____________ ______Ad
Drinkin' ________ _________ out of a champaigne glass, is this what the people of Bel-air livin' likeTheme
Double your _____________, double your funAd
ClueAnswerTheme or Ad
Maybe the world is blind, or just a little _____________Theme
I don't wanna ______ ____ 'cause maybe if I did, I couldn't be aAd
Your still in bed at 10, work began at 8, you _________ your breakfast, so farTheme
The touch, the feel of __________, the fabric of our livesAd
The ____________ began to droolTheme
The best part of waking up, is ___________ in your cupAd
Daring duck of mysetery, champion of right, ___________ out of the shadowsTheme
Silly rabbit, ______ are for kidsAd
Were the one for you _____ ____________, ______ ____________ telephoneAd
If you cant afford your medication _____________________ may be able to helpAd
I am stuck on ________ _________ brand, cause _______ _________ stuck on meAd
Like a good neighbor ______ ________ is thereAd
Help, i've ________ and i cant get upAd
BONUS: In 1981 Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band won the Grammy for best rock performance by a group. Name 1 of the 2 ledgendery bands that lost ?

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