Adam Sandlers 8 Crazy Nights

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Can you name the Adam Sandlers 8 Crazy Nights Characters?

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Character PicCharacter Name
# 5's Son
Stripped shirt leader inIntervention Scene.
Main Character
Died when # 1 was 12 yrs old
Only Foreign Guy- Owns Restraunt
Hook Hand
Cardboard, sweetful.Intervention Scene.
Holds hot caffine.Intervention Scene.
old, # 2's only sex partner.
Main Characters Girl
Vibrates- Holds main character.Intervention Scene.
Character PicCharacter Name
Helps with strength, strong arms.Intervention Scene.
Cute, wooden.Intervention Scene.
Buzzy- says over.Intervention Scene.
Red, flowing. Intervention Scene.
# 2's friends
No home, incredibly nice.
Silly Old Man
Died when # 1 was 12 yrs old
3 Boobs
# 2's crazy sister
Chinese food symbol.Intervention Scene.

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