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Can you name the things that happened on the 26th December?

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This couple announce the discovery of radium in 1898
This country's parliament voted itself out of existence in 1991
This large US city was buried under 25.8 inches of snow in 1947, causing 80 deaths
This British Prime Minister became the first to address US Congress in 1941
The first of these annual African-American celebrations took place in 1966
This Beatles song (with a 6-word title) was released in 1963 and topped the charts for 15 weeks straight
This US President died in 2006
The unofficial truce on this front ended in 1914
George Washington's army won this battle after he crossed the Delaware River
This famous horror movie was released in 1973
This African-American boxer won a heavyweight title in 1908
This Chinese statesman was born in 1893
This band's first US tour began in Boston in 1968, where concert-goers got Dazed and Confused
In 1620 the Pilgrims reached land which would eventually become this state
This country became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain in 1921
The US government took control of this system of transportation in 1917
This natural disaster killed 250,000 people in South East Asia in 2004
This Metallica drummer was born in 1963
This US President died in 1972
This former Indian Prime Minister was released from prison in 1978
The song Purple Haze was released by this artist in 1966
This Shakespeare tragedy about a fictional British monarch was performed for the first time in King James' court in 1606

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